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Terms and Conditions of service

Payment: Full payment for your stay is required at check-in. Alternatively, we require a credit card print to secure payment at a later time during your stay. Discount rates for cash payment are valid only if payment is made at check-in. For some room types, we require payment in cash. You will be advised accordingly when you make a reservation inquiry. Travellers cheques, personal cheques or cash in foreign currencies are not accepted for payment. Payment for dorm beds is accepted only in cash.

Payment for a Non-Refundable Room Type: The total amount of your stay will be charged on your credit card by the hotel at the time of booking.

: Cancellations and changes must be done in writing (e.g. email or fax). We do not accept cancellations or reservation changes by telephone or in person. A confirmed reservation can be cancelled or changed until 3 full days prior scheduled arrival date (for example if you book for the 25th june you have until midnight italian time on the 21st of june to cancel without any charge). In case of non-arrival on the day (no-show) or cancellation (or change) less than 3 days and until 1 day before arrival , your credit card will be charged for the amount of the first night. This card charge is a penalty and not a payment, it is not possible to occupy the room. From the day of arrival, the reservation can not be cancelled or changed and full payment for the number of nights confirmed at the time of booking will be charged. Reservations made less than 3 days prior to arrival can not be cancelled or changed. Does not apply for a not refundable room type.

Cancellations for a Not Refundable Room Type: Cancellations and changes must be done in writing (e.g. email or fax). We do not accept cancellations by telephone or in person. In case of cancellation, non arrival on the day (no-show) or modification, your credit card will be charged for the full amount due for your reservation . No refund is possible. This card charge is a penalty and not a payment, it is not possible to occupy the room.

Reservations: Valid credit card details (Visa, MasterCard, JCB or Diners Club) and billing address must be provided to guarantee your reservation. Your credit card number and expiry date will be verified using a checking sequence. Shortly before your planned arrival date, the availability of funds on your card will be verified, but no payment will be processed. In case of negative outcome of the availability check on your card, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.

Confirmations: Confirmations that are received by email or fax will be processed and confirmed by our reservation office within 24 hours. A reservation is considered provisional until the hotel confirms acceptance of the reservation. We confirm the reservation by email or fax, stating the reservation details.

Email / Fax bookings: You agree that all communications and agreements that we or you provide electronically or by fax satisfy any legal requirements that communications be in writing.Special events: A minimum number of nights stay may be required over a special event. A booking made over a special event (i.e. new year, easter) can be cancelled until 10 days prior to scheduled arrival. The charge for late cancellations or no-show over a special event is 3-nights' room rate. All special event dates will be advised at the time of booking.

Multiple room-bookings: Bookings of 3 rooms or more are considered group bookings and require full payment for the total amount of the reservation by bank transfer at the time of booking. These bookings can not be changed or cancelled after confirmation. Any payment transactions are non-refundable.

Packages: Packages are sold as a whole. Payment is requested at check-in. It is not possible to be refunded for any services not used.
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