November is the ballet lover’s month in Rome

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During November will be possible to enjoy many interesting dance performances in Rome’s Opera House. The firt of them is the ballet L’Heure Exquise. Coming from an adaptation of Happy Days written by Samuel Beckett, this ballet has been planned for Carla Fracci, unforgettable dancer of classic ballet.

The Opera House in Rome

The Opera House in Rome

The story behind the ballet its so simple and at the same time goes straight at the bottom of your heart. The main character is Whinny who lives her life buried to the waist on the sand. Apparently she is very happy about her life. looks like she doesn’t care about her condition which is an obstacle for a normal existence. Every day is in fact an happy day.

She is not alone  inside the sand. In fact his husband lives with her behind her shoulders. He has an empty skull and still can literally drag his body outside the sand.

During the second act Whinny is buried till the neck. Still she continues to claim that is a happy day. In particular she has got a gun inside her bag which is representative of all the drama. In fact she is afraid her husband can use it but really firing herself that will be an admission that is not an happy day.

The beauty of dance in Rome

The beauty of dance in Rome

Another tempting possibility for those who enjoy art is the famous ballet The Swan Lake, that will be performed throughout November. This classic will delight you, and will make your trip to Rome even more memorable. For reservations of further information, visit the official site of the Opera House of Rome, located only a couple of minutes away from Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes, your best options to discover the best of Rome.

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