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The San Callisto Catacombs


One of the most famous historic and religious landmarks in Rome are the Catacombs of San Callisto, along the Appian Way. Among the many underground cemeteries of the City, those are the best known and most popular, best known for the “Crypt of the Popes.”

Unlike the other catacombs in Rome, these were found larger .Catacombs of San Callisto have become true places of worship and pilgrimage after 313 when the Emperor Constantine ended the persecutions against christians.

Tunnels and galleries on four levels is a maze of niches still open or walled custom made and designed for a simple burial, without cash but only in a sheet, sarcophagi and crypts, cubicles, epitaphs and carvings, the remains of oil lamps and vases containing perfumes.


During the visit falls only on the second floor, undoubtedly the most interesting from an archaeological point of view. Now we find the copy of a statue of the fourth century preserved in the Vatican Museum, depicting the Good Shepherd, a symbol of Christ’s love. Among the other images, belonging to the vast symbolism devised by Christians during the persecution, when their religion was declared a “a strange religion” with the decree of 35 senators.

You can see the Crypt of the Popes where the faithful descended on a pilgrimage to honor  the martyrs. Continuing on, you can see the Crypt of St Cecilia where to place the coffin containing the body of the patron saint of music, now housed in the Basilica of St. Cecilia in Trastevere, there is a copy of a famous sculpture of 1599, the Cubicles of the Sacraments, five small rooms where you retain some of the oldest frescoes of Christian era, representing precisely the most important sacraments in the Christian faith: baptism and the ‘ Eucharist. Crypt of St. Eusebius, smaller but decorated with marble slabs on which are three arches, one of which contained the tomb of the saint.

Not quite everything, so you can enjoy a beautiful day to teach the history of Christianity and the history of Rome.

  1. Visiting hours: 9.00 – 12.00 e 14.00 – 17.00
  2. Price tickets : € 8,00 / € 5,00 reduced fee

How  to arrive:

  • From Termini Station:
    Metro A (direction Anagnina) to stop Piazza di S. Giovanni in Laterano. Than take a bus line 218.
    Metro B (direction Laurentina) to stop Circo Massimo. Than take bus line 118.

Hotel Des Artistes and Lucci Hotel are the best places in the city center! Go ahead with your reservation!

The best spas near Rome

-Spas a great option to treat yourself this summer. We have for you the best options near the Eternal City.


Spas have become synonymous with tourism and it is getting closer to a different people than traditional (consisting of elderly or willing that goes  in the spa for treatment of certain diseases).
At the spas you will recover incentives and motivations that synergized with therapies, helping to determine the early resolution of debilitating diseases and states or their proper management is also a psychic level, are rediscovered their health needs and thus the need for prevention, why the interventions of health education have, patients with spas, a particular impact.
Finally, always remember that the thermal waters carry the medicine to its roots, where the patient is first and foremost a man.

In the province of Rome, the most popular spa destinations are:
Bagni di Tivoli – 9 km from Rome In a mild climate and the beauty of the area attracted here in Roman times, famous personalities such as Sallust, Catullus, Horace and Maecenas. Among the attractions of the place excelled albulae aquae, celebrated by doctors, philosophers and scholars – among them should be mentioned Virgil, Strabo, Galen and Pliny the Younger – for their therapeutic virtues. Augustus was likely to want to build a luxurious spa building, which was designed by Agrippa, the builder of the Pantheon.


Palombara Sabina, on the slopes of Mount Gennaro, retains its original medieval spiral developed on a hill dominated by the castle. The Baths of Cretone, 8 km from the town, are connected by shuttle to the station of Belle Plain Montelibretti the underground Fiumicino-Fara in Sabina, which connects Rome in half an hour.

Famous are also  the Baths of Sant’Egidio, in province of Latina, where you can find the best treatments as mud treatment, and hydrotherapy, also cures gynaecological, dermatological, cosmetic and aesthetic. The site includes information to help you understand the features and benefits of water charges for various services, and you can stay in the hotel rooms and know the price list for the current season and the next .

Make a reservation today at Hotel Des Artistes and let us show you all the fascinating options that Rome and it surroundings have for you.

Our Blogger: Rhodora

A day to discover the jewish heritage in Italy

A special date to learn more about the legacy and impact of the jewish culture in Italy and around the world.

star-hebrew-443As part of the eleventh European Jewish Culture Day, on Sunday, September 5, 2010 (26 Elul 5770 in the Jewish calendar), our hotel Yes Hotel is an ideal place to visit in Rome.

The overall theme of the event is “Art and Judaism”, a complex approach, which touches a rich reality of literature, art, customs, traditions, food, music and history. As was intended by the organizers this day opens the doors to contemporary society, in order to know more aspects of this ancient and complex religion.

Through this knowledge we can break down the prejudices, stereotypes and resistance that still remain in order to have a seamless integration and social and cultural progress for all.

traces-of-jewish-culture-from-krakow-in-krakow-2The event enjoys the patronage of the Presidency of the Republic; Minister of Heritage and Culture; Minister of Education, University and Research and the Minister of European Politics.

The chosen ideal city for the Italian edition was Livorno: the Tuscan was home to prominent Jews, not to mention the great artist Amedeo Modigliani. The other Italian cities concerned and all other information can be found on the website with the full programme of events. You can also check out  for other European countries involved in the festivities.

Our Blogger today was: Matteo

BYG GYM ROME 2010, The Sports Village in the Eternal City

is an amazing Sports and Fun village in Rome during all the summer months.
Over 12.000 square metres for sports lovers to practice : football, tennis , volleyball, ping pong, futbolokey the hydrobike,  virtual golf and many other sports. Personal trainers are available and so is a huge gym. Families with kids will enjoy the  summer centre for children. Big Gym 2010 in Rome also has a swimming pool and a Disco with top DJs along with a restaurant , a bar and a shopping area !

Multi activitiesMens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body) is a famous Latin quotation. It derives from Satire X of the Roman poet Juvenal. It sums up somehow the importance that ancient Greek-Roman tradition gave to the body and health, a balance between body and mind for a happy life.

Nowadays Roman people still keep this notion and live in accordance to it. Ever since the most ancient times  Roman Sports have been  part of the culture and has had a relevant place in the life of its citizens.

This year just live up to the  the past editions, and  Rome will not only offer its classical beauty but also Big Gym, the sports village where you can relax enjoying  the ‘’Dolce far niente’’, keep fit and have fun as well.
Oh, I almost forgot, yes…Besides…It appears to be also a wonderful opportunity for socializing, since everyone  there will share a love for sports and physical activity, so you can meet people and experience the real everyday Roman people which is a  whole attraction by itself…

Big Gym is children friendly : Big Gym 2010 provides  a summer center dedicated to children, from June 14, daily from 8:30 to 16:30 where plenty of  healthy, fun and creative activities are available to them such as  painting, collage,  drawing and  also various sports.

Add the best DJ sets and a shopping area,  Mon Amour Restaurant open daily from 12.00 to 15.00 and from 20.00 to 22.30,  Mon Amour  Disco open Friday and Saturday from 24:00 to 04:00,  bar  open daily from 10.00 to 24. AND YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE.

Day centre for childrenBig Gym Rome 2010 is doubtlessly something to be experienced if  you love sports or simply if you want to have a different day and night out in Rome.

WHERE: Via delle Tre Fontane 5, Roma EUR,  ROME
WHEN: From 9th June to 8th August, from 10.00 to 24.00
Getting there: Metro (underground) Line B, Stop Eur Palasport.

When planning your trip to Rome, you can book our comfortable Rome hotel Des Artistes which welcome families with children and  is central and in easy reach to the Big Gym 2010 , and perfectly connected with the B line.
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Today’s blogger : Marcelo

Music in Rome : July Sounds Good 2010

From 26th  June to 31st July  2010, Rome has dedidacated itself again to good music for an unforgettable outdoor summer with  a calendar full of big names, national and international, for a month full of  concerts  not to be missed at the Auditorium.

The eighth  edition  of July Sounds Good, authentic myths of musical history, the outdoor summer event that concludes the season 2009 – 2010 Music for Rome Foundation Auditorium.

Serj Tankian in RomeYet again this year with the appointment in July Sounds Good, the show promoted by Music Foundation in Rome Auditorium Parco della Musica.
Among the artists exhibiting in Rome there will be worldwide famous bands and singers of jazz, funk, pop, rock and world music. To name a few :  Serj Tankian , Erykah Badu in Jons, Florence & The Machine to Tinariwen,  Paolo Nutini and the Kings of Convenience.
You can read more information at The Auditorium official websiste.

Event calendar from:  02 July 2010
– 02nd July   2010, Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club ® feat. Omara Portuondo
– 03rd  July 2010, Los Lobos
– 04th July 2010, Chick Corea e Stefano Bollani
– 05th July 2010, Serj Tankian, Orchestra Sinfonica Italiana
– 06th July 2010, The XX
– 09th July 2010, PMJO, Coro e Voci soliste dell’Accademia di Santa Cecilia, Petra Magoni
– 12th July 2010, Jeff Beck Band
– 13th July 2010, Mark Knopfler
– 14th July 2010, Earth Wind & Fire
– 15th July 2010, Mario Bondi
– 16th July 2010, Carmen Consoli
– 16th July 2010, Paolo Fresu, Omar Sosa, Trilok Gurtu
– 17th July 2010, Pat Metheny Group
– 18th July 2010, Paolo Nutini
– 18th July 2010, Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette
– 19th July 2010, Crosby Stills and Nash  
– 20th July 2010, Erykah Badu
– 21st July2010, Jonsi
– 22nd July 2010, Florence & The Machine
– 23rd July  2010, Norah Jones
– 24th July 2010, Simply Red
– 25th July 2010, Neffa
– 25th July 2010, Neffa
– 26th July 2010, Tinariwen
– 27th July  2010, Ludovico Einaudi
– 28th July 2010, De Andrè Canta De Andrè
– 29th July  2010, Kings of Convenience
– 30th July 2010, Alessandro Mannarino
– 31st July 2010, Giovanni Allevi

Info: from 26.06. 2010 to 31.07.2010

Rome Auditorium Parco della MusicaThe Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome in Viale Pietro de Coubertin, near the Sports Palace Viale Tiziano. L ‘Auditorium Parco della Musica, located in the Flaminio district, the Olympic Village is easily accessible by public transport and close by our central Rome Hotel Des Artistes where you may wish to book your stay while in Rome so check out our latest deals and packages !
Buses: 910 bus terminus Terms / Piazza Mancini 53, Terminus Piazza Mancini and Piazza San Silvestro 217, Terminal Viale XVII Olympiad / Termini Station 231, Terminal Piazza Mancini P.le the basket (Villa Borghese) Saturdays and Sundays only line ” M” , Termini Station Terminal / Viale Pietro de Coubertin (Auditorium) 17 pm until after the last show. Departures every 15 minutes.
Tram : 2, Capolinea P.le Flaminio/P.zza Mancini
Metro :  Metro A line subway station then tram 2 Flaminio Rome-North Railroad stop Piazza Euclide
Make the reservation with us at Hotel Des Artistes or Yes Hotel and enjoy your holiday, will be really happy to give you all the information you need!

Further reading on past July Sounds Good .

Today’s blogger : Vanda

Caravaggio in Rome

Our Blogger: Vanda

caravaggio_bacco2010 It is truly a banner year for Caravaggio! If you love art this is the right time to enjoy this special event! An exhibition dedicated to the famous and celebrated, “Lombard genius” in a new vision and updated.

The exhibition will include many of Caravaggio’s most representative works, including the Bacchus from Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, the David With the Head of Goliath from the Borghese Gallery in Rome, the Musicians from the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Lute Player from the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Amor Vincit Omnia from the Staatliche Museum in Berlin, and numerous other masterpieces from many of the most important museums in Italy and around the world.

So, a public a new and stimulating opportunity to appreciate the work of Caravaggio and the uniqueness of his work.

For individuals the booking is not required. You buy tickets at the Quirinal ticket office. For groups and schools reservation is required to charge.

Our Hotels, Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel are in a perfect location. Stay with us and enjoy your holiday!

In Short

When: February 20th – June 13th, 2010
Where: Museum Scuderie del Quirinale
How to get there: From Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes, take the blue subway line and get off at the station EUR Palasport

For the last time: Simply Red in Rome

Our Blogger: Joseph

-The legendary British band will make a stop in Rome as a part of their farewell tour.


Simply Red fans, last chance to see Simply Red live in concert! Mick Hucknall and band mates have decided that 2010 will be, after 25 years, their last tour together. A decision taken from the lead vocalist to undertake the solo career. Founded around the mid-80’s with Mick Hucknall,  gifted with amazing singing voice, the group took its name from Hucknall’s nickname, Simply Red, that denotes the colour of his hair, his favourite football team which is the Manchester United, in which however made some political issues. On their twenty-five years of music career the group had several modifications, and fortunately Hucknall has succeeded regardless several obstacles and moments of difficulties, they always tried to keep their feet on the ground.

From their first tour in 1985, Simply Red has played in over 1,100 concerts in front of a total of more than 11 million people. They have sold 55 million discs, they made it 31 times in the top 40

Singles charts in the UK, conquering 3 Brit Awards, 2 Ivor Novellas, 2 first places in the US singles charts.


 After their first album debut “Picture Book” in 1985, Simply Red has produced an average of 1 album in every two or three years: “Men and Women” (1987), “To new Flame” (1989), “Stars” (1991), Life (1995), Blue (1998), Love and the Russian Winter (1999), Home (2003), Simplified (2005) and Stay (2007). The last collection came out in the 2008 entitled “25: The Greatest Hits” and is a double sided disc with 25 successful soundtracks that tells 25 years of their music career.

 The lead vocalist, Mick has a strong bond with Italy, in fact, he spends most time of the year in Sant’Alfio in province of Catania on the slopes of the Etna. He dedicates his time to the production of one of the most valuable red wine – DOC, and a sophisticated white wine – IGT and was nicknamed as “the singer”.

The venue for the concert is located very near Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel, your best options when it comes to accomodation in Rome!

In Short

When: July 274h, 2010, 21:00
Where: Auditorium Parco Della Musica, Viale Pietro Coubertin, Roma
How to get there: From Yes Hotel or Hotel Des Artistes, take the bus 910 from the Termini station

Serj Tankian and the Italian Symphonic Orchestra

Our Blogger: Jona


Perhaps the name Serj Tankian might not be that well-known to mainstream audiences but he is one of the most provocative and original American musicians. He is the lead singer of System of a Down, an American alternative band whose main characteristic is the combination of heavy Rock sounds and left wing political commitment.

Tankian will visit Italy next July to present his solo album Elect the Dead Symphony , a reinterpretation of the major successes of System of a Down. The singer will be accompanied by an orchestra composed by as many as 45 musicians from the Italian Philharmonic. This is, without a doubt a great opportunity for the fans of System of a Down, and for those curious to discover what classicaly trained musicians can do when offered material originally composed with the viscerality of hard rock in mind.

serj_tankian_2The two Italian dates are set for July 4 at Teatro Arcimboldi in Milan and july 5 at the prestigious Roman Auditorium Parco della Musica as a part of the annual review July Sounds Good.

Tickets for the date range from € 30 to Milan € 45 exclusive right to advance. The prices for the tickets of the Roman concert will be the same. If you are visiting Rome to attend the concert, don’t hesitate to make a reservation at Hotel Des Artistes, located only minutes away from the venue!

In Short

When: July 5, 2010
Where: Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale Pietro Coubertin, Roma
How to get there: FromTermini, Take the bus M (available only the days on which concerts take place) or 910.
More Info:

 Our Blogger: Rhodora

Looking for a unique romantic evening in Rome? Then keep reading: Rhodora has the answer!

tb_02The tram is one of the oldest  means of transportation by rail, mainly used for public transport city. Now, from historical means of transport they become true mobile restaurants, which offer the opportunity to stop in front of the most charming places in the city.

tj_01The Trambelcanto is one of the oldest, built on the thirties but perfectly restored and refurnished with every comfort, driving his passengers on a journey where you can listen singers or professional musicians playing live the most famous italian arias and not only. On the meanwhile you can dine by candlelight, as in a real restaurant, during a stop at Park Celio overlooking the Colosseum and the Fori Imperiali.

The ingredients of Tramjazz are high level quality: the beauty of Rome, the deliciousness of food, but also the originality and quality of proposals music and musicians who participate.

trambelcanto_01The departure takes place every Friday at 9 pm from Piazza di Porta Maggiore. In this vintage trams  passengers will travel for about 3 hours in the most picturesque routes in the center of the capital, in the company of professional musicians

For dinner you will taste the typical Italian products, cheese, wine, and delicious meet or fish disches.

Buon viaggio e Buon appetito, on board the tram between  restautraditional flavors and hints of romance!

For TramJazz:                                                                                                                               For Tram Belcanto:
(+39)3396334700 – (+39)3381147876

The Colors of the Ara Pacis

Our Blogger: Vanda


During a guided visit visitors to this exhibition will have to chance to see the Ara Pacis in full color, as stood originaly. The feat will be made using  projections of light. Besides, the meaning of the reliefs will be illustrated by an actor who will  read as well classic Roman texts  that will deepen the message of it: a passage from the VIII book of the Eneide, where Virgilio narrates the foundation of Lavinio and the prodigy of the white sow; a passage on the meaning of the deities of the country; and the pages in which Tito Livio is questioned on the origins, the greatness and the decadence of Rome.

ara2The technique of projection has been updated and renewed projectors will allow to modify and to modulate the profiles and the colors in real time. Even if over thousand years of permanence underground on Campo Marzio has cancelled from the monument any trace of color, experts have demonstrated almost beyond doubt that originaly the altar was very colorful, as were most sculptures in ancient Rome; the use of the colors on monuments was usual, even if we all have in our imagination the color-less versions found nowadays in museums and books everywhere.

augusto-di-prima-portaThe choice of the single shades for “the Colors of the Ara Pacis” has been operated on the base of comparisons with other ancient Roman paintings, especially from pompei with the Greek-Roman sculpture.

Our locations are not far from the museum,so when you’re planning to come to Rome check on or, your ideal options for a perfect vacation in the Eternal City.

Schedule extraordinary Opening of the museum during the last weekends of February, March and April from the hours 20.00 to her times 23.00 (last entry 22.00)
26, 27, February 28 th 2010 26, 27, March 28 th 2010 21, 23, 24, 25 April 2010
Entry ticket: € 8,00
Information: Tel 060608 /
Where: Lungotevere in Augusta (Subway stop Flaminio)
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