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Technology in ancient Rome

Our Blogger: Jona

machina_tecnologia_dell_antica_roma_largeFrom 23 December until 5 April 2010 is currently being shown MACHINA: TECHNOLOGY OF ANCIENT ROME, which aims to illustrate the level of technology to which ancient Rome had come through reconstructions, archaeological and photographic documentation. The power of the Roman Empire, based on technology as well as political organization, will be told in the science fair MACHINA. TECHNOLOGY OF ANCIENT ROME, hosted by the Museum of Roman Civilization from 23 December to 5 April 2010. For the first time will be unveiled to the public the secrets of the machines that have contributed to the construction and operation of the Empire.

The exhibition is organized by Rita Perceval Correnti, president of Association Piazza Duomo, and is promoted by the Cultural Policies and Communication – Superintendency of Cultural Heritage of the City of Rome and from Sapienza University of Rome with the help of Fondazione Roma.

ariete_270_sqlargeThe exhibit to the visitors offers more than 100 examples of technology divided between archaeological finds, reconstructions, virtual machines, mechanisms and works in scale. Some 47 imprints from the collections of the Museum of Roman Civilization and 32 fragments, including the unpublished from Antiquarium from municipal, enrich and complement the exhibition. Through exhibits, built from scratch by the Florentine craftsman Gabriele Niccolai based on studies of exhibits and testimony, you will understand the technological principles of operation of some of the most important (and interesting) machines built and used by Romans on their everyday lives.

When: 23 December 2009- 05 April 2010
Where: Museo della Civiltà Romana, Piazza G. Agnelli, 10, Rome
Ticket price: 6.50 Euro
More info:

Easter in Italy

Our Blogger: Rhodora

-Rhodora has prepared for you a list with everything you must have on your table to celebrate the perfect Italian easter.

0871_jesus_resurrection_christian_clipartThe Christian Easter is preceded by a period of penitence called Lent, which lasts 40 days.

In the last few days before Easter Sunday, in Italy, as in many Catholic countries, you will find different religious rites the evoke the Passion of Christ.
On the night of Friday, the streets are lit by torches and are crossed by crowded processions. Sometimes penitents are barefoot or in chains to make it more difficult and tiring journeys of redemption.

In the last few days before Easter Sunday, in Italy, as in many Catholic countries, you will find different religious rites the evoke the Passion of Christ.

Food is a central element. Italians love to meet on Sunday Easter to enjoy a good meal together. The food changes from region to region but  you might find  dishes common to everbody.

Here are the main ones:
uova-sode-colorate [640x480]1. Easter breakfast
The families of the central regions of Italy usually prepare a basket for the Easter breakfast. This basket contains a Easter capocollo, white wine and boiled eggs decorated with different colours by children. During Saturday before Easter, Italian used to go to  church for the basket blessing, according to a Catholic rite.

2. Bread and cakes
Under the period of Easter bread is enriched. There are several examples of Easter breads and cakes. The ingredients that are mostly used in all of them are cheese, bacon, olives, eggs and butter.

4. Lamb
As in many other Christian countries, the lamb is an important symbol of Easter and is the main dish for Easter dinner. One of the most famous specialties is the roast leg of lamb.

colomba6. The Easter Dove This is the largest dessert in Easter and the most common gift that you can receive when you decide to invite someone over to Easter dinner. This is a cake shaped like a dove, covered with sugar and almonds.

7. Easter Eggs Italian children can’t wait to eat some chocolate eggs and discover the surprise inside of them!

Make a reservation at Hotel Des Artistes or Yes Hotel and enjoy this and many other Italian traditions!

Snow in Rome: for the first time in 25 years!

Our blogger: Raul

-Raul rambles abut snow, miracles and the beauty of Rome

Immagine 002

Today we had real snow in Rome for the first time in 25 years! (as we promptly reported on our brand-new Twitter account!)

I, being my usual lazy self, was sleeping this morning but the staff at the hotel managed to take the photos you are seeing on this post.

Snow is always a big event in Rome. We don’t have it very often over here and when it comes it’s always special, no matter how much it can slow down your day or the traffic. It brings out the child inside everyone. The local newspapers have covered extensively our 3 centimenters of snow and have asked readers to upload their photos, which they have done with enthusiasm. For a couple of days you will see some extra smiles on the streets.

Just to get an idea of how a peculiar an event is snow in Rome, consider that it’s literally considered a miracle. You can check the entire story on this previous post, but in short, according to the legend surrounding the foundation of Santa Maria Maggiore (a very important church located near Hotel Des Artistes and Yes Hotel) the location of the church was determined by the miracolous aparition of snow in that very spot of the city. In fact, every year the miracle is commemorated with petals of whites roses being thrown from the top of the basilica,  due to Rome’s notorious lack of real snow.

Immagine 001I guess this was a very special moment for those visiting Rome these days. It might be seen as a special wink from the city. But you know? I don’t think you have to wait other 25 years to have a special moment in Rome. This magical city has something to tell to everyone. All you have to do is come here ready to be greeted by the city with your own, personal miracle.

Nightlife in Rome: San Lorenzo and Testaccio

Our Blogger: Rhodora

nightclubWho comes to visit the Eternal City, seeks not only to visit museums and major monuments , but to live the nightlife as much as possible, including restaurants, pubs and discos.
The most populated and popular areas when it comes to nightlife in Rome are San Lorenzo and Testaccio.
San Lorenzo is not far from the main train station Termini, is the area where many university students use to hang out at night, also because is not far from the Rome University of La Sapienza. In this area you will find many restaurants, but above all pubs and bars for a good happy hour.

Testaccio area is a rather famous for its nightclubs and good restaurants.
Try the disco-bar, music club, disco or art-space most famous of Testaccio is “The Akab”, that changes each year and sets trends in the city, remaining always at the forefront among the discos in Rome. It has two floors that in the warm summer nights are filled with people. They have on program evenings of pure musical experimentation (L-Ektrica, Tuesday; Essentially Mood, Thursday), artistic events (Wednesday, based on art, film and performance) and more one-night disc (weekend with musical selections ranging from black music to dance and house music).

akabFor those who love salsa and meringue the temple of latin music in Rome is “The Caruso”, an elegant and articulate disco, for lovers of Latin-American dancing. You will be overwhelmed by the rhythm of salsa and merengue, samba and bossa nova, and every week you also have the chance to attend performances of professional dancers.

San Lorenzo is located within walking distance from Yes Hotel and Hotel Des Artistes. Testaccio can be easily reached from both hotels using the subway. Visit us, and we will be more htan happy to give you more tips about the best clubs in the city!

Supermagic 2010 in Rome

Our Blogger: Marcelo.


Magic exists… Are you ready for the proof?

Get ready then for SUPERMAGIC 2010, an event full of ‘’Mistery’’!!!

That is actually the name of this new edition of SUPERMAGIC 2010: ‘’Mistery’’.  This Magic Show, will take the audience into a new world: beyond the rational limit, a big party full of surprises that will challenge your mental schemes.

Traditional and Modern Magic: A mix of the latest technology in audio and video special sffects and ancient secrets to lead the audience into a different dimension…

For this SUPERMAGIC 2010 Rome has selected the best international ‘’Magic Stars’’  from around the world for a unique experience. Among the performers we’ll have:

adamsA real star, the most famous Hand of the world!  The”Hand” of Addams Family fame. This legendary TV show, a satirical and very funny inversion of the ideal American family, that conquered the TV audience around the world…

Jordan Gomez: An amazing French magician , his number achieved  great success in the World Championship of Magic in China in 2009…

Alberto and Laura Giorgi:  winners of numerous awards including the Mandrake D’Or in Paris.

Ardan James: a unique mime U.S. presented its irresistible number around the world having countless awards.

Gaetano Triggiano: the amazing Italian illusionist, is touring the world with his outstanding play Tabla, staged by Serge Denoncourt, the director of Cirque du Soleil…


Arno: a brilliant French magician , bringing up splendid parrots, cockatoos and colourful macaws. Indeed  a remarkable number from a  Mandrake d’Or winner…

MISTERY SUPERMAGIC 2010 is built and run by a staff consisting of magicians and illusionists to keep the secrets behind every great trick.

Vito Lupo, special events consultant for Disney in Florida, is the director of the new edition of SUPERMAGIC 2010 (he won the world championship conjurer of magic).


WHERE: Teatro Olimpico, Piazza Gentile da Fabriano 17, Rome

WHEN: 22 to 31 January 2010,

Every evening at 21, Saturday at 16.30 and 21 hours Sunday 18, Thursday rest.

the seventh edition of the Festival of Magic, Supermagic 2010


TICKETS:from € 15.00 to € 30

HOW TO GET THERE:From our locations Hotel Des Artistes Rome and Yes Hotel Rome just get the bus 910 from Termini Station (Direction Mancini) and get off at Stop MELOZZO DA FORLI (30 minutes total trip)

Check or to find accomodation for this dates!

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