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Radiohead visits Rome

radiohead_1Four years after the overwhelming success – 36 thousand tickets sold in a few days – of their live shows in Milan, Radiohead will visit Italy again, this time as the first stop of his European tour and decided to please the Italian fans with four concerts in some of the most beautiful cities of our country. Radiohead have rewarded this time the Italian public: in fact, Italywill be the country where the band will make more stops. The first will be Saturday, June 30 in Rome at the ‘Ippodromo Capannelle (as a part of the Rock in Roma Festival).

In a career that spans 8 albums and nearly 20 years of outstanding music-making Radiohead has fused alternative rock art rock, electronic to punk and psychedelic pop, becoming one of the most influential bands – for critics, musicians and audience – in recent decades. With electronic rhythms, especially the voice of Thom Yorke and visionary lyrics, the band of Oxford has created a soundtrack for our age, producing political texts, and often openly siding on the side of protest.081029_125122_thomradioheadDCL02

The band has often made anti-commercial choices, forcing rapid changes to an already full of sound experimental details: This did not prevent them, however, to sell more than 25 million records, and collect prizes and awards, including 3 Grammy Awards, Ivor Novello 1 , and 3 Q Awards.
For all the fans, don’t lose the chance to see theme live!! See you in Rome then, on Saturday 30 June 2012, and dont forget to contact us or check our website to get the best accomodation at the most affordable rates!

Mondrian in Rome

imagesThe man who decided to go straight to the essential, aiming to reach the ideal composition. A vision that would take from shape and color that which is the very basis pointing towards the Truth.

Making out painting a direct trip with no stops in between only to reach the Highest. A dance of lines between the vertical (masculine) and horizontal (feminine) with only primary colors. No diagonals admitted , only the essence flourishing with what the artist himself called ‘’Neo’’.

imagensFascinated by Cubism Mondrian goes further in the pursuit  for the naked expression of reality. The Exhibition ‘’Perfect Harmony’’ is focused on that pursuit, a balance which shows things as they really are in Mondrian’s eyes.

In His own words: ‘’Nature (or what I see) inspires me, makes me, like any other artist, in an emotional state that causes me an urgency to do something, but I want to get as close to the truth and abstract everything from it, up to not reach the foundation (though only the outer foundations!) of things … I think it’s possible that, through horizontal and vertical lines constructed with awareness, but not with calculation, led by high intuition’’



At the Vittoriano (Piazza Venezia)


From 7/10/2011 To 29/01/2012..


Monday to Thursday 9:30 to 19:30

Friday and Saturday 9:30 to 23:30

Sunday 9.30 – 20.30


Admission ticket € 12.00

RBS 6 Nations 2012

KeithEarls_EnglandvIreland2010This tournament is the pinnacle of international rugby in the northern hemisphere. It holds a proud place in the history of the game and the 2012 games are sure to be as thrilling as any other year.

On February 11th you have the opportunity to visit the eternal city of Rome to see the play-off between England and Italy in the marvelous Stadio Olympico. On March 17th will be the turn of the Scotland team. A few nights to enjoy the beautiful sights of Rome and a fantastic night to enjoy this great sport.

Be sure to book your tickets soon and for any information you need contact us at Hotel Des Artistes.