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Kasabian: British Rock in Rome

kasabianKasabian are an English rock band formed in Leicestershire in 1997. The composition of the band is a little ifferent today than when they began. The original members were Tom Meighan, vocals, Christopher Karloff, guitar & keyboard, Sergio Pizzorno, guitar & backing vocals and Chris Edwards, bass.

Currently the band is made up of Meighan, Pizzorno, Edwards and the drummer Ian Matthews. They have risen to fame and released a few  albums such as “Kasabian” (2004), “Empire” (2006), “West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum” (2009) and “Velociraptor” (2011).

This month they will be performing here in Rome at the Atlantico (Viale del Oceano Atlantico  )so make sure you don’t miss out on their great performance and remember to contact us or check our website for more information about events and accomodation in Rome.

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Steve McCurry Exhibition in Rome

Sharbat_GulaYou probably know this photo that depicts an afghan girl, and you may know that it first appeared on National Geographic but you probably don’t know who’s the author of the photo: his name is Steve McCurry and an axhibition of his breath-taking work will be on display in Rome.

McCurry hails from Newton Township, Pennsylvannia and came to the international attention with his coverage of the war in Afghanistan. Was precisely during that war that the famous photo was taken. McCurry then went on to become a successful photorreporter specialized in war coverage and a celebrity on his field.

The girl in the photo remained unidentified until 2002: her name is Sharbat Gula and after the war returned to her country and now has three girls; she wishes they will have the education she was never able to get.

But of course McCurry’s work is more than a photograph as you will be able to see attending the exposition that will be open until April 24 at the Macro Testaccio Museum (click here to get a map).

And don’t forget to send us an e-mail or check our website if you need information about accomodation in the city!

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