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Our Suggestions for a Valentine’s day in Rome

11679The Trevi Fountain by night The Trevi Fountain is a stunner. Our advice is to visit it both during the day and during the night, but on that special day you might like to make a night visit to throw a coin with your significant other and make a wish together.

Lo Zodiaco One of the most legendary restaurants with a view in Rome, and a sure hit if you want to impress your date. Its location outside the city makes it a little offhand, but allows a clear view of the city and the stars. Reservations: +39 06 3549 6744

Pincio A terrace that’s part of Villa Borghese and can be accessed from Piazza del Popolo. Offers a marvelous view of Rome, and is probably the most romantic spot in the city.

Ponte Milvio A recent fashion has lovers locking padlocks to the handrail of this bridge and then throwing the key away. For sure a memorable way to celebrate Valentine’s day!

Arcade Fire and The Black Keys in Rome.

Call us hasty, but we are already expecting our beloved Rock in Roma Festival. And we have good reasons:  Arcade Fire and The Black Keys, two of the best bads on the scene (in our humble opinion) are confirmed to participate. The Arcade Fire will offer its concert on June 23, while the Black Keys will perform on July 8, 2014.

Rock in Roma takes place every summer at the race course Capannelle, and if you have been following us you know well that it thingles our rock-head soft spots.

pd: Just in case you have trouble recalling how awesome The Black Keys are, we’ll just leave you a video of our favorite song of theirs.