Now in Rome: Caravaggio as you have never seen it before



People visiting Rome during the next three months will have the unique opportunity to witness the restoration of a work of art as it happens.
The painting getting a “lifting” is  Caravaggio’s Adoration of the Shepherds.
The choice could’t be more fitting, because Caravaggio is one of the painters more closely associated with Rome, and because during 2010 the city will be commemorating the 400th anniversay of the death of the famous painter.


Caravaggio Lifting Exhibition

Two days a week, on Wednesday and Friday, the visitors will be allowed into the premises of Punto Camera in via Via del Parlamento 19th to observe the restorators at work. It is necessary to make a reservation, which can be done through the website of the sponsor of the event.

Getting again the chance to get in such close contact with the work of one of the masters of Italian painting will be almost impossible, so don’t miss this great opportunity!
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