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Rome Marathon, considered as the greatest sport event in Italy given the number of its participants, will take place this year on Sunday 22 March. The race will start at 8:50 am, departure and arrival points being established on via dei Fori Imperiali. Registration is compulsory and expires on 5 March, 2015.
Runners will vie for the first medal, that was won by Ethiopian athlets in 2014 edition, in both the males and females competition.
Together with this professional marathon, a parallel non-competitive event will take place: the Romafun, “La Stracittadina”, a 5km walk in the heart of the city open to everyone (classmates, families, together with their favourite domestic animal, on skates, ecc.). Starting point for participants is on via dei Fori Imperiali at 9:10 am, to end up at Circo Massimo. Registration deadline for “Romefun – La Stracittadina” is 21 March, its fee being € 8,00 (inclusive of the official t-shirt).
Hundreds of thousands of people will gather in the Eternal City to enjoy these special sport events: don’t miss them and stay with us at Hotel Des Artistes!

Rome: 2013 Marathon

wmRome Marathon will start March 17, 2013.  Start-finish line is Via dei Fori Imperiali, Colosseum area. The 42,195km unleashing run is as usual accompanied by La Stracittadina Roma Fun run (4,7km). This smaller non-competitive run is open to every one with out  age limit.

Marathon Village 14-15-16 March 2013
Time: 10:00 – 20:00
Piazza J.F.Kennedy, 1 Rome

Short History

In 490 BC, Thersipus of Erchius run from Marathon to Athens; to announce Persians had been defeated. The messenger, run all the way to Athens non-stop, said “We have won!” and collapsed on the ground.

This is the legend, the modern marathon competition claims origins.

In Greece, Messengers like Thersipus, were important in conveying messages and thus were raised with great enthusiasm, care and training.

The first official marathon race was conducted in 1896 Athens Olympics. French philosopher,  Micheal Breal is believed to have influenced his friend Pierre de Coubertin (one of the main contributors to modern Olympic competitions) to include marathon in the olympics.

Today, marathon has the largest number of participants as per race, ten of thousands in a single competition.

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